Local Investigator Shares Train Hobby

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Christmas is only four days away….And there may not be snow on the ground but one local man has recreated a snowy train station scene right in his backyard.

When Bay County Sheriff's Investigator Paul Veckor is not trying to crack a criminal case with the Bay County Sheriff's Office, he's adding to his train collection.

Paul Vecker, Investigator Bay Co. Sheriff's Office, "The train hobby is without a question in my opinion the greatest hobby in the world. It really is."

Vecker's fascination with trains began when he was 9 years old -- his father introduced him to the hobby.

"Some people like race cars, some people like motorcycles. I like trains. It's just something I've always enjoyed."

The track equals out to 250 feet. It even sits on actual train ties.

"The tie they go underneath the railroad, the track. And that's what hold them. They're the real thing and their extremely heavy -- had them brought in, had them put in by a company and they did an excellent job,” Vecker said.

Vecker has 25 train cars that he has collected through the years and his latest addition…..

"I built the bridge on my own. It took me about 6 months to build it."

He’s been working on the 1900 themed train track for about two years now but still wants to add more.

"I've got my gloves on today. I'm working on the track today a little bit later on. Just like a real railroad, its outdoors and it's just enjoyable,” he said.

The train display is open to visitors and will be up for the rest of the year with its holiday decorations.

Vecker says he often has locals stop by to look at his trains. If you're interested in taking a look at the collection you can reach Paul Vecker at 850-596-3803.