Local Kids Honor MLK at Festival

PANAMA CITY - Thousands of people across the Panhandle are attending ceremonies honoring the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

The slain civil rights leader would have been 85 years old.

One of the biggest celebrations honoring Dr. King and his continuing legacy is held at McKenzie Park in Panama City every year.

Some locals are using the federal holiday as a way to remember his legacy and to take in a little culture.

9th grader Tiffany McNambb said, "We come out here to celebrate want he did for us its more than being out of school."

Hundreds of kids like Tiffany have been learning about MLK in school for the last few weeks now.

More than 50 years ago he delivered his historic, "I Have a Dream" speech and today children worldwide are seeing the outcome.

Cheri Hines also in 9th grade said, "We came here to celebrate his, "I have a Dream Speech" and about what he did for us. If he didn't help back then than we would have be segregated today."

Student Jeffery Covington said, "It means I get to go to school with my friends. I have lots of that back in the day I won't have been able to go to school with."

The children at Mondays MLK event danced in tribute Dr. King; while the adults spoke on his behalf.

The kids say they're most thankful for him breaking down the color barrier.

Hines said, "He helped to lead the civil rights movement so he got everything started. Without him I wouldn't be there."

Covington said, "We've come a long way, but there still are some people that are racists in different states."

Organizers say this year's event was the biggest MLK festival yet.