Local Leaders Aim to 'Stop The Violence'

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Panama City- "As we know, there's been a lot of violence going on. It's turned into an epidemic," said Gregory Dossie, Rainbow Push Coalition Bay County.

Gregory Dossie stood in front of the Panama City Commission board Tuesday afternoon to voice his concerns.

He's asking the city to consider declaring July as "stop the violence month."

"It doesn't matter whether it's a shooting, domestic violence, we just have to stop the violence," said Dossie.

Dossie says several organizations are coming together to create "stop the violence" events.

"The key issue in all of this is convicted felons with firearms. So we have to stop the convicted felons from getting firearms," said Dossie.

He says these incidents are not random acts of violence.

"It's a beef between two parties that's gotten out of hand and they've decided to solve it by shooting each other," said Dossie.

"I'm very, very sad to see all of the violence that is happening in our community. And we are working to see what we can do to change things and make things better in our community," said Dr. Rufus Wood Junior, NAACP Bay County President.

"Lives have been destroyed, young people are dying. The gun violence and something has to be done about it," said Kimberly Bush, Concerned Citizens Bay County.

Kimberly bush from the concerned citizens of bay county organization says it hits home.

"So all these kids that are dying. My kids grew up with them and we know them," said Bush.