Local Leaders Demonstrate Against Steve Southerland

About a dozen people took to the streets this afternoon to criticize Steve Southerland for his stance on the Affordable Healthcare Act.
The group gathered at the intersection of Highway 77 and East 23rd Street to demonstrate.
They are accusing Republicans of trying to shutdown the government, if Congress funds the medical insurance mandate.
If Congress does not pass a federal budget, then the government would have to shut down.
Not only would federal offices close, but citizens would not receive their government services.
Demonstrator Alvin Peters said, "Too much is going on in our community where out civilian defense contractors are being furloughed and so are our head start teachers. We're paying Steve Southerland nearly $200 thousand and he is not producing meaningful results."
Peters unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic nomination to replace Southerland last year.
Southerland responded Friday night saying he is working to protect jobs and taxpayer money.
If congress doesn't pass a government funding bill by September 30th, the federal government could shut down.