Local Limo Company Speaks Out Against Bill

A local limousine company is speaking out against a proposed bill that would effect limo rentals in Tampa.

The owner of Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine in Walton County is opposing the so-called "Uber Bill".

The Uber Bill would loosen restrictions on the limo companies operating in the Tampa area.

One of the main supporters is a company called "Uber".

The local limo companies would be able to use Uber's smart phone app to find customers and arrange fares.

But Sunshine Shuttle owner John Finch says allowing unregulated car service companies to operate anywhere in Florida is a safety issue for customers.

He believes the trend could spread statewide.

"You can go onto this app sign up, proof of license, proof of insurance and that is it. Suddenly you are getting rides all over," Alan Roberts, Sunshine Shuttle vice president, said.

"When I hear something like this is coming to another city, I think we all need to say, wait a minute --this is getting out of control, because that county eventually head here," Finch said.

Finch took his concerns to the House Economic Affair Council. But the full House has passed the bill.

The Senate still has to vote on it.