Local Muslim Community Honors Ambassador Stevens

The rioting and violence continues in the Middle East, where the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans were killed earlier this week.
Many Muslims have denounced the killings and are trying to distance themselves from the acts.
In Panama City the Libyan American and Syrian American communities are coming together to honor Ambassador Stevens, and they have said they are saddened by this week's unrest in the Middle East.
Alaa Kabuka and Jana Al-Nahhas said they were in shock when they learned about the deaths.
"I freaked out. I couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing,” said Al-Nahhas. “And so between my friends, I told them, 'guys we can't be can't be silent about this, we need to speak up. We need to let everybody know that we don't accept this, as Americans and as Muslim Americans. We would never allow anyone to do that under the name of our religion."
The young women organized an emergency candlelight vigil to honor of the ambassador and the other victims.
"I thought it would be really important to emphasize that what happened in Libya was a horrid event, that no sane person would agree with,” said Kabuka. “Christopher Stevens was beloved by all Libyans."
Ambassador Stevens worked tirelessly, supporting the Libyan rebels who overthrew dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and helping to transition to the new government.
"He did a lot in terms of helping the Libyan revolution and improving us and Libyan relations,” said Kabuka. “Everyone is confused and shocked as to how this would happen to him."
And while both women believe the online film about the Prophet Mohammad, that sparked the rioting is despicable, they say the US government is not responsible for it.
"What would Mohammad do? He had rocks thrown at him, had people slander him, and never did he resort to these kind of measures,” said Al-Nahhas. "As an American, I want them to know this hurts me just as much as any other American. And as a Muslim American, I want them to know that we're not going to accept these actions, not in the name of our religion."
The vigil is taking place Friday night at 7:00 at McKenzie park in downtown Panama City.

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