Local NAACP Branch Holds Healthcare Forum

PANAMA CITY - NAACP representatives invited the Families Count organization to explain the new healthcare law.

Families Count received a grant that's allowing them to help people enroll in the healthcare marketplace through the phone or the internet.

Some of the concerns residents shared at the forum included the penalties associated with not enrolling, affordability of healthcare plans, and how to enroll.

One of the biggest problems residents in Bay County and across the country say they're facing is enrolling through the online website healthcare.gov.

In light of a lot of confusion, families count representatives say they're trying to answer people's concerns.

"Then the website should be navigable and accessible to all individuals with ease and not problematic," said Dinah Crayton, a Bay County Resident.

"I hope people got a little more clarity, got some of their questions answered through this forum and came out with a better understanding of what we are as navigators and what we can help them do in the marketplace," said Kara Bryant, a Families Count Navigator.

Bryant says there are about 25,000 uninsured residents in Bay County.

If you would like to meet with a Families Count representative and get some of your questions answered, you can call them at 850.941.7156 or email them at navigator@familiescount.net to set up an appointment.

They'll be in Bay County again on November 5th and 6th.