Local Officials Concerned About Incinerator

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Officials from some local cities are starting to get concerned about garbage costs with the Bay County incinerator being shut down almost 8 months.

Engen LLC operates the incinerator and hopes to reopen the facility soon, but they still have a lot of work to do to make sure it's run properly and safely.

Local cities have been forced to haul their own trash round trip to make up for the closure of the incinerator after a fire shut it down in February. Representatives from Engen LLC say they're making progress on the repairs, but part of the hold up is due to insurance companies.

Those companies are paying for all the repairs, but they also have experts that they send out to ensure the work being done is what needs to be done, and with several companies in the mix, things have taken longer than some smaller municipalities could have expected.

Officials with Engen LLC say they will be testing the incinerator for the next 3 weeks and if no major problems arise, they expect the incinerator to be up and running in November.

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