Local Officials are Warning of Rockstar Scam

PANAMA CITY- Two people filed complaints with the Bay County Sheriff's Office claiming they were scammed.

"One person thought they were going to be able to apply for a job and that job was to go ahead and contact with different people and have them sign up to have their vehicle wrapped," said Sergeant Paul Vecker, Bay County Sheriff's office.

The car would be wrapped in Rockstar logo. The man received a check for $205,000.

But when he took it to the bank, the teller told him it was worthless.

"He said he had answered an ad on Craigslist and he was trying to start a business because jobs were hard to find and he thought getting 300 dollars a week just to have your vehicle wrapped, he thought that was pretty good. And the minimum was for one month and the maximum was up to four months,” said Vecker.

The second victim, who received a $1,900 check, followed instructions and deposited it in his bank account.

"He was supposed to keep $300 and return the other money to a decaling company who would come later on and decal the vehicle. And of course he's out that money and the bank wants their money back from the individual,” said Vecker.

Officials say even though you see the cars all over the streets, don't be fooled by these vehicle wrap jobs.

"You do see them and they're legitimate vehicles etc., but they're not asking people to have their vehicles wrapped. And people see these on the beaches and they say i guess it must be legit and they fall for it,” said Vecker.

Officials say they get about three to four different types of scams from Craigslist daily.

Sheriff's officials say vacation rental scams are also common this time of year.