Local Parrotheads Give to Children's Home Society

The Children’s Home Society got a huge gift from the local Parrothead club.

The Panama City Parrothead Club has a reputation of partying with a purpose and that purpose is to raise money for local charities.

This month, the Children’s Home Society was the lucky recipient of about 700 dollars worth of toys. The Parrotheads piled the toys in the lobby of the children's home society.

The society will make sure the toys are distributed to needy families in Bay County.

"It's nice to know that kids that are in need, you know, have got somebody that cares about them, cause we've all got our own kids and we love them, but to know that somebody's not getting everything ours do, it makes you feel super special to help them," said Lil Lewis

This isn't the first time the Parrotheads have donated toys to the society.

The group also holds a "Parrothead rendezvous" every year at the local Margaritaville with the proceeds benefiting the society.