Local Radio Talk Show Host Fired

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - A somewhat controversial local talk radio show host is off the air.

Magic Broadcasting fired Burnie Thompson last Friday from Talk Radio 101. Thompson had hosted a show on Talk Radio 101 for 8½ years.

Magic broadcasting management declined to discuss the matter, but Thompson claims he was told his ratings were not high enough.

Thompson offers a different reason, saying he was too critical of local political leaders, he says, "About three months ago, I was told by Magic Broadcasting, not to criticize Republicans by name. I was told that that would make it more likely that Democrats would win elections. Well, my show is not about partisanship. It's not about Republican or Democrat. It's about the truth."

Thompson says he holds no ill will towards Magic Broadcasting and is grateful for ownership allowing him to start his career there.

He's now in the process of launching an internet-based talk show on Monday at www.myfreedomradio.com