Local Reaction to Pop-Tart Law Signing

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PANAMA CITY - Governor Rick Scott signed what has become known as the 'Pop-Tart' gun bill into law.

The bill allows children to play with simulated guns in school without fear of punishment.

The bill got its name after a boy in Maryland was suspended for nibbling a breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and aiming it at classmates playfully.

Bay District officials say it adds more common sense, but bills like this should not have to be brought forward in the first place.

Franklin Harrison, the Bay District School Board Attorney said, "We are already working on a new policy at the school board level. It's been talked about at the superintendent summit. To put some common sense to zero tolerance. There are times zero tolerance is necessary and require action on a student."

Local school districts already have no-tolerance policies in place when it comes to harmful weapons.