Local School Gets New Addition

St. John Catholic School Dedicated a new classroom building featuring the latest technology like smart boards, iPads and even smart tables.

The building is names after Mary D'Isernia, mother of Eastern Shipbuilding owner Brian D'Isernia who contributed a large sum for construction.

Donation aside, school officials say they couldn't think of a better way to honor D'Isernia, who was dedicated to her faith, to education, the school and St. John Parish.

"It's so wonderful that grandma's name can be on this building," said Mimi D'Isernia, "she can look down and see these children being educated as fine American citizens who love God and love everyone that they see."

The D'Isneria family believes the new addition will be a huge help to today's students and those still to come.

"When we first moved here, our children went to school here and the school was so small and so poor they couldn't educate the children properly," said Brian D'Isernia. "We felt it to be our duty to help fund these improvements to this school land these are in our opinion wonderful improvements."

The addition has been in use since the beginning of the school year.

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