Local Schools Honor Month of the Military Child

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LYNN HAVEN - When you say April 15th, most people think tax deadline, but the 15th is also the day to honor children whose parents serve in the military.

April is "Month of the Military Child" and locals observed the day by wearing purple.

The life of a US service member or military spouse can be difficult.

There are constant moves, deployments and dangerous assignments, but many people overlook the hardships of being a kid in a military family.

"Some of the obstacles that the kids face are things that someone who may not be in the military might take for granted, such as having two parents at home to help with homework or to help with the day-to-day routine," said Karen McQueen, Mowat Middle School teacher.

Those hardships inspired officials to designate April as the "Month of the Military Child."

Mowat Middle School faculty asked everyone in the school to wear purple to honor the 2,500 local military children.

8th Grader, Zachary Parker said, "I'm showing my pride for the military and showing that I really do care about the military and all the things they do for us."

McQueen said, "Some of the students here have military in their family some do not, but are very supportive anyway."

Mowat Middle School is just one of several Bay County schools celebrating Purple Up Day.

Naval officials say April celebrates the 1.2 million children worldwide, who make sacrifices, just like their parents.

Parker said, "I tried to get my friends to go all out. I think it turned out really well I see a lot of people with purple, it looks really cool just having everyone really being proud of their military.