Local Singer/Songwriter is Following Her Dreams to Nashville

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A local Panama City Beach girl is following her dreams of becoming a Nashville singer and songwriter.
Keely Raquel graduated from Arnold High School in 2008, packed her bags and has not looked back.
"I think I've always been a songwriter, but when I was younger I didn't realize I was,” said Raquel. “I'd write stories and poems and sing in my head. In high school I realized I'm a songwriter and a singer.”
During her senior year she began making trips to Nashville, where she met her duo partner, Analeise Reeves.
"Ever since we joined forced and became a duo things have just been at a steady pace, going great. I'm really excited and grateful."
Their band, The Field Larks, performs regularly on the Nashville scene.
And they have had success with one song, "The Light Weight", which Bethenny Frankle released on the Skinny Girl Margarita's website, www.betenny.com.
"My goal is to do it all-play at the Bluebird Cafe, The Opry, get a record deal for The Field Larks, and play on your radio station in Panama City."
You can download "The Light Weight" on iTunes, or go to The Field Larks music Facebook page for more music.

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