Local Trio Nabbed for Several Felonies in Calhoun County

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla Three Bay County men are in the Calhoun County jail in Blountstown, accused of stealing a tractor.

Calhoun County sheriff's investigators say 18-year old Jacob Wallen, 35-year old James Keith Golden, III and 21-year old Cody Wayne Raffield stole the tractor from a pine straw contractor near Clarksville Thursday.

They searched the area and found the abandoned tractor about 600-yards away. They also found Raffield sitting in a pick-up truck near the scene, and arrested him.

Then about 4:30 this morning they receive a report that someone was trying to steal a car from a home in the area. They managed to track down Wallen and Golden.

Raffield is charged with armed trespassing and 2-drug -related charges.

Wallen and Golden are charged with burglary, grand theft, and trespassing

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