Local Wants Sand Dune Behind House Cleaned Up

One Panama City Beach woman is asking city officials to put pressure on the Department of Transportation to clean up the area behind her house.
Debbie Sasser went before the Panama City Beach council about the sand dune that supports her homes.
Sasser said the dune is eroding and more needs to be done for support as well as regular work to keep the area neat.
Officials; however, with the city say the land, property of the Department of Transposition, is something they cannot maintain.
Panama City Beach Mayor, Gayle Oberst, "I'm sure they're looking at it, if there were any kind of safety issue they would be doing something about it. but i really don't know what their plans are, it looks better already."
So far the DOT has installed a retaining wall and put up a guard rail for the sand dune.
City officials say they plan to meet with Sasser later this week to hear the rest of her concerns.
She hopes that the conversation will lead to more action from the DOT.