Local Woman Thanks Klothes for Kids

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PANAMA CITY Klothes for Kids is handing out donated school supplies to families in need today and tomorrow.

The 10th annual clothing drive has been collecting items since may of this year.

One mother says this event is helping her tremendously.

Kelly Keefer is taking her daughter Lanie back to school shopping at the Central Panhandle Fairgrounds.

Kelly Keefer says, "It's shopping! I mean, come on. What little girl doesn't love to shop."

Kelly may sound excited, but that's nothing compared to Lanie.

The Keefers are one of 900 families this year Klothes for Kids will be helping.

The Panama City Rescue Mission and Living Word Fellowship received 540 boxes full of donations since the start of summer.

That's about 6,000 items.

Klothes for Kids Volunteer Coordinator Gail Camperman says, , "Our community is great. I mean, they're constantly bringing stuff. We have a back door here, and people are bringing stuff there even as we speak."

Keefer says, "It just helps me out tremendously because even though I have a fulltime job, my money has to go elsewhere and I just - with her - I can't afford uniforms and shoes and everything else."

Each child receives two uniformed outfits, two of these casual outfits, one pair of shoes, and one of each accessory that's in the back.

That includes anything from socks and belts to underwear.

Camperman says, "Think about your first day of school. Kids love to blend in and this is what we're trying to do is help them so they are just like every other school kid."

Keefer says, "It's something that makes you so happy because it's one less burden that's off of you, and you don't have to worry about. It's just ... No words."

Camperman adds, "Thank you to Bay County. Thank you."

Klothes for Kids distributions are by appointment only, but there are a few appointments left.

If you are a family in need, you can contact the Panama City Rescue Mission.