Local Man Convicted in Murder Trial, Sentenced to Life

A six member Bay County jury convicted Markel Bass on Wednesday of second degree murder and robbery with a firearm.

Circuit Judge Brantley Clark Jr. then immediately sentenced Bass, 19, to life in prison.

Assistant State Attorney Bob Sombathy told jurors during the two-day trial that Bass and Emory Abraham planned to rob Dustin Powell of 100 Loritabs the night of Oct. 8.

Abraham told Powell he would buy the pills and arranged to meet in a dark alley behind some apartments on West 13th Street with Bass hiding in the shadows nearby.

As Abraham was counting the pills, Bass charged at Powell with his gun drawn. Powell turned away and was shot once in the back
of the head. Abraham and Bass were overheard by several people talking about the killing.

Abraham, 18, had pleaded no contest to being a principal to robbery and was placed on three years probation with the understanding that he testify truthfully at Bass’s trial.

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