Locals Bike to Work; Save Money and More

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Bay County residents choose their bikes as their main mode of transportation for several reasons, some cite exercise, other say cost efficiency, but most say it's simply more convenient.

38-year-old Ray Woodard began using his bike to commute to work every day after his car broke down.

"Instead of just sitting back and waiting to fix my car, which it's still not fixed, I started riding my bike," Woodard said.

He's not alone.

A growing number of people around the area are choosing a two-wheel lifestyle.

"I also just ride recreationally after I get off work. So I am averaging up some miles, definitely," said Kyle Izumi.

And just how many miles is he averaging a day?

"Probably I'd say close to 40. 40 miles a day," he said.

While many say that driving is the fastest route, sometimes that just isn't the case.

"Compared to driving, I can make from my office to say if I meet someone at Chick-fil-a for lunch, I can make it there in 10 minutes where, in driving it takes 15 with beach traffic," Woodard said, also noting that with many of his trips, the time to travel to one location in his car or his bike garner the same results due to traffic lights.

However, cyclists do face certain obstacles that drivers don't have to deal with.

"The worst part is of course, the weather. The weather is definitely an important role sometimes that can make it bad," said Izumi.

Another problem at times? Other drivers.

"A lot of drivers don't realize that it is share the road," said Adam McAnulty. "That should be known to anyone that has a car or bike."

If you're considering taking this environment friendly route to work and easing a bit off your wallet for gas, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially wearing a helmet and ensuring that you're visible.

"Honestly, having your bike in good shape is one of the best things, you don't go and run your car into the ground and just keep driving, you take care of it, you get oil changes and stuff like that," said McAnulty. "Bikes are the same way."