Locals Encourage Boaters to Set Sail Safely

While this weekend's sunny weather brought many people out from their homes and onto the beach, others decided to get in their boats and go for a spin, but with this week being national boat safety week, several boaters are working to encourage others to do so safely.

The big focus for the national initiative is, of course, wearing a life vest, an easy action that sometimes gets tossed to the side. Local boaters have taken that advice to heart, but says it's not the only thing they're concerned about when setting sail.

Boaters listed the importance of having not just life vests, but a first aid kit, a safety cushion, fire extinguisher, and air horn or flare. Additionally they pointed out the importance of having a cell phone should you find yourself in trouble while at sea.

Locally, there are classes and seminars available through Marine Max as well as online to teach people what they should and shouldn't do while on a boat.