Locals Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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BAY COUNTY - Locals spent their Saturday honoring the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Saturday morning two local civil rights organizations hosted a prayer breakfast and later a memorial march. Locals expressed similar views at both events.

Songs, poetry and prayer are some of the ways locals are remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The day kicked off with a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast prayer sponsored by the Bay County branch NAACP at the Glennwood Community Center.

Doors were open at 8:00 am inviting locals to join in with fellowship.

NAACP Member Leon Belton said, "There are sacrifices made and that there are sacrifices yet to be made in order to get to where we really want to get."

Saturday's events didn't stop there. At noon the Advisory Committee for Urban Revitalization and Equity of Civil Rights or ACURE hosted their annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial march.

About 500 marched singing equality songs inspired by the late Dr. King.

Participant Cheri Hines said, "Just to see everybody come back together in his sake to remember all the good things that he did for us."

Everyone expressed the same positive views.

Participant Leon Brundige said, "We're representing Dr. Martin Luther King's Legacy. And if we forget than it perishes.”
Brundige said he marches every year. This year, he led the group with a banner.

"It's like a flag from our hearts that represents our future and our past,” said Brundige.

Many said they celebrate the civil right's leader's birthday to honor his work and cherish his legacy.

Monday starting at 10 a.m. McKenzie Park will host a festival celebrating Dr. King's legacy.