Locals Last Stand Party

WALTON COUNTY-- Locals will get a chance to party one more time before the big summer rush begins this Memorial Day weekend.

This party will help out a unique local treasure.

This is historic Eden Gardens State Park in Walton County. Some call it a hidden gem

"Eden Gardens is a 161 acres park, we're open 7 days a week, 365 days a year we have tours of the Wesley House which was built in 1897 by the Wesley family. This property used to be a sawmill for their family," Sasha Craft of Eden Gardens State Park said.

Movies have even been filmed here! Eden State Gardens is a lot like...Well, Eden!

"We have mini gardens, we have a hidden garden, a rose garden, camellias, we have fishing here, we have a dock down by the bayou. It's just a beautiful place to come spend the day."

And this Thursday you can spend the evening here!

"We're gonna have the 30A Locals Last Stand Party here at Santa Rosa Beach at beautiful Eden Gardens State Park this Thursday, it starts at 5 o'clock with a pre-party music kicks off again at 7 to 10 o'clock and everybody's welcome come and just enjoy and have a good time," Mike Ragsdale, owner 30A, said.

It will definitely be a cool a party, for a great reason.

"The proceeds go to benefit Friends of Eden which is a non-profit organization designed to help keep the park in great shape and in beautiful, pristine condition."

Pristine, scenic, beautiful. Come see for yourself and choose you own words to describe it.

The locals last stand party is Thursday, May 22.

It begins at 5 p.m. at Eden Gardens State Park located in Walton County.