Locals React to General Dynamics Job Cuts

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Locals are reacting Thursday after the General Dynamics call center in Lynn Haven cuts 730 jobs.

This comes just months after the company hired more than a thousand people to fill positions across the board.

The workers received letters earlier this week informing them they would be out of a job come May 2nd.

NewsChannel 7 spoke with a family member of an employee who received the letter, but chose to remain anonymous.

He said, "You know its just going to affect me because it was just a joy to see him get up in the morning and get inspired by going to work. He's enjoyed every bit of it."

Last summer, Workforce Service Career Source partnered with General Dynamics to hire more than 1,400 employees for their call center in Lynn Haven.

"Some of those were supervisors and managers, but a vast majority of those were customer service representatives," said Maria Goodwin, Director for the Workforce Service Career Source.

The reps helped people with questions regarding the Affordable Health Care, otherwise known as Obamacare.

The news of the layoffs comes as a surprise, seeing that just two weeks ago General Dynamics held a job fair to hire additional customer service representatives.

Goodwin said, "I'm not sure how many positions they were looking to fill at that time, but they had multiple positions open."

General Dynamics could not be reached for comment.

Workforce Service Career Source officials say several General Dynamics employees have stopped by the center Thursday for guidance.