Locals React to Hannity Spring Break Investigation

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Mayor Gayle Oberst said she and the city manager have already received emails from citizens who were shocked by the video in FOX news and Hannity's spring break investigative report.

According to TDC president Dan Rowe spring break is only a small part of the TDC's focus, only $100,000 of a $15 million advertising budget is spent on spring break.

Still March is usually the 3rd biggest revenue month of the year which is when most spring breakers make their way here.

He also says he's not too concerned about this report, claiming previous negative reports have not hurt tourism.

"Spring break has been happening on Panama City Beach for 10 or 20 years. Our revenue continues to grow. We are one of the strongest communities in the state since the great recession and the deep water horizon oil spill," TDC president Dan Rowe said.