Locals Trying To Bring Attention Back to Crisis in Syria

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PANAMA CITY - The situation in Syria hasn't received much attention in the last few months, but thousands are still feeling the effects of the problem. Now the local Syrian-American community is trying to bring awareness back to the issue through a fundraiser.

They're trying to gather enough funds to send medical supplies to Syria. One of the core problems in Syria is that the healthcare infrastructure is nearly gone in a majority of the country.

Members of the Syrian-American Medical Society and local residents are raising money to help out with that crisis.

They haven't set a fundraising goal and are simply asking instead for any sort of donation. The bottom line is that there aren't enough medical supplies in Syria.

Right now the society sends about two containers full of medical necessities to those in need.

"There is a humanitarian crisis that has not been seen since World War II. This is unparalleled and has not been seen and the world has not really taken it seriously," said Dr. Oussama Rifai of the Syrian-American Medical Society.

The United Nations recently released some updated statistics on the situation in Syria.

They say right now 200,000 people are missing, 200,000 are dead, and 9 million refugees are displaced inside Syria and neighboring countries.

If you would like to donate to the cause, http://sams-usa.net