Locals Upset Over Pier Park North Bright Lights

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- "My backyard is like living on a football field," said Chris Spann, Panama City beach resident.

Not everyone's happy about the new pier park north shopping.

"We were actually told when we bought this house that this was a protected wet land behind our house and we actually bought this house because of the natural trees and we didn't even have a fence, it was so nice, said Chris.

Chris Spann and his wife Cheri say they're fed-up with the outdoor and parking lot lights around dick's sporting goods.

"We were adjusting to the wall lights. It was doable. But the parking lot lights accessibly bright," said Cheri Spann, Panama City beach resident.

They've made some alterations.

"We’ve planted trees. We've also tinted all our windows on the back of the house to try to cut down on the lighting," said Chris.

But those things haven't helped.

Spann e-mailed Panama City beach mayor Gayle Oberst and some city council members last month.

He said they replied they were working on it.

They also say Spann isn't the only one complaining.

"The city is working with the developer of the property to come up with a solution to shield the lights, maybe even repaint the back of the building and areas to reduce the glare from the light packs that are on the wall," said James tingle, panama city beach code enforcement officer.

City officials say they hope to have a solution by early next week.