Locals Upset with the Proposed Cuts

PANAMA CITY- The defense cuts would include a 1-billion dollar subsidy for the base exchanges here in the United States.

That could significantly increase the prices those military families and retiree’s pay for household items and food.

Some estimate food costs could go up by $3,000 a year for the average military family.

"I just think it's an undue hardship for soldiers still in uniform,” said Paul Thorne, Former Service member.

The pentagon would also cap military pay raises at 1% in 2015 and trim housing subsidies for families who don't live on bases.

"Servicemen deserve better. We deserve better. I just feel like a slap in the face. I kind of feel betrayed. You put in all the hard work and dedication, sacrifices. I think it's just a wrong route to take,” said Thorne.

The cuts are part of a bigger budget reduction proposal from U-S Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

That plan includes cutting as many as 80,000 personnel across all branches.

The news comes as dozens of Military men and women showed up at the holiday inn select in panama city on Tuesday for a military career expo, hosted by the non commissioned officers association of the united states of America.

Some say they're concerned.

“I think the military should be given more money than anybody else. They give their life to the military. It’s a career that you say hey I’ll go do this for 10 years,” said Mary Mac Conroy, Wife of Veteran.

"I just think people aren't prepared, perhaps financially, mentally and maybe with education. It’s just kind of sweeping them to the side, especially in their environment. There are not too many jobs out there, it's very competitive right now and I just think it's the wrong thing to do,” said Thorne.

The pentagon's proposed budget is more than 500 billion dollars next year, bigger than the defense budget of china, Russia and Great Britain combined.