Locals Using Zimmerman Verdict as Reason to Educate Youth

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Nearly 100 people joined together in Panama City this evening to educate the youth of the community and rally for justice for Trayvon Martin.

"This man killed a young child, a mother lost her son, and he only had skittles and a soda," says one protestor.

After George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin, protestors across the streets have demanded justice.

Tonight, concerned citizens in Panama City came together at the Juvenile Courthouse to hold a candlelight vigil in Martin's memory.

Many people say Martin represented far more than a boy in a hoodie.

Now, community members are concerned for their youth and the racial profiling they believe happened to Trayvon Martin.

In reaction, the Bay County NAACP Youth Council held a youth workshop at Love Center Missionary Church before the vigil in aims to educate the youth on how to be active members of the future.

"Bringing our young people together, and affirming them, letting them know they're important. Because it appears that not many people viewed Trayvon Martin as being important," says Pastor Dr. Rufus Wood.

Speakers came to talk to the youth about everything from bullying to education.

Organizers of the event say they want to instill more self confidence and inner-strength in their children.

A Panama City Police officer also came to speak about how to deal with law enforcement.

"Because a lot of our people are very angry as a result of the verdict. But we don't want people to channel their anger in the wrong way... There's nothing wrong with being angry, but we want people to channel their anger positively."

A group of Panama City residents will head to Tallahassee Friday to join the Dream Defenders to help protest at the capitol.