Local Organizations Celebrate World Oceans Day at Gulf World Marine Park

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Panama City Beach- Gulf World Marine Park and other zoos and aquariums across the nation are hoping to inspire “waves” of change.
They’re promoting conservation for World Oceans Day.

"We use oceans for travel purposes and for resources like food sources. We also use them to enjoy our marine life," said Stephanie Nagle, the Education Coordinator for Gulf World.

The Ocean Project is an international network of more than 1,200 zoos, conservations organizations, and aquariums.
It brings people together each year on June 8th to inspire the preservation of the world’s oceans.

"It's one thing for us to be able to tell people about conservation. It's another to actually have these organizations out where they can promote what they do," said Nagle.

Many park visitors were able to get acquainted with marine life.

"I learned that sea urchins always are trying to pick things up to camouflage,” said Jonathan Clanton.

Gulf World has also incorporated a conservation message into the daily shows.

"Even if someone throws a bottle on the beach, it could leave a huge footprint. If a sea lion comes up to eat it or it goes back out in the ocean, dolphins, fish, all kinds of marine animals could pick that up and think it's food," said Nagle.

You can find more information on World Oceans Day by going to: www.worldoceansday.org

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