Lockdown of Washington County Schools Lifted

All schools in Washington County were on lockdown for several hours Thursday morning while the Sheriff’s Office investigated a threat made on Facebook.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Superintendent’s Office both tell Newschannel 7 there was nothing specific about the threat and that the lockdown is just a precaution.

An officer was also been assigned to every school.

It appears to be a similar situation as what we saw in Bay County on Tuesday. A student said they heard there would be a Sandy Hook Elementary copycat shooting at their school Friday. But they did not find any truth to the rumor.

"We have not locating anybody that has said, 'I'm going to do that,'” said Mike Jones, the head of security for Bay County Schools. “It's just been people saying, 'We hear that's going to happen.' We have this happen a lot of times as it gets closer to the holidays and testing days these kinds of rumors start."

Jones also announced the creation of a task force to explore other ways to make campuses safe.

"We can never stop a serious threat, we minimize, and that's what we tell our folks. We train them to spot the obvious and take action before things get bad."

Many school systems in the country are experiencing similar occurrences and are using the utmost of caution to make sure all the children are safe.

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