Locked and Loaded In Class

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Last Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary shooting has educators across the country wondering if anything could have been differently.

"In this case, I mean they had a great security system and there was still somebody that was able to get in," said 6th grade teacher Philippa Walker. "I think if you have someone who's truly wanting to get into a school they're gonna be able to do it."

While some say the best way to protect students and teachers is to add school resource officers permanently to all schools, others have suggested arming teachers and principals.

Some parents agree with the plan, saying with the right training it could be a good move, but Walker isn't so sure.

"I don't think a handgun is gonna make me safer in the classroom, I have a concealed weapons permit and I still don't think if a person comes in with an AR-15 I'm not sure that my handgun is gonna do the job. So I really don't think it would help."

Bob Ogelsby, another 6th grade teacher says that putting in more SROs would be the most helpful. "There's not a whole lot else you can do to protect the children that we're not already doing."

Local law enforcement agencies put more officers on school campuses this week. They say they'll work with the school district to create a great presence as long as possible.

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