Long Indicted

An Okaloosa County grand jury has indicted a Holt man for a killing that happened almost 33 years ago.

Jackie Long is in an Alabama jail cell tonight facing new first degree murder charges.

Prosecutors say Long was 1 of 2 people responsible for the death of this man, 59-year old Leonard "Buddy" Phelps.

Phelps was found dead in the backyard of his business on October 2nd, 1981.

Phelps owned Phelps brothers boat works off John Sims Parkway in Niceville.

Investigators say he was a pretty good business man and had money.

They believe Long and another man beat Phelps with a shovel, shot him, then ransacked the apartment above the business, looking for money.

Authorities arrested 59-year old Garry Ray Lindsey in November, charging him with first degree murder.

They wanted him for the murder of a man in Lawrence County Alabama in February 2006 and say they found evidence that tied him to Phelps' murder.

Long is also suspected in a 2005 robbery and inflicting life-threatening injuries on a Covington County, Alabama victim.

Sheriff's officials are arranging for his extradition back to Okaloosa County.