Lou Roberts Reelected as Jackson County's Sheriff

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Marianna- Incumbent, Lou Roberts kept his seat as Jackson County's Sheriff in a landslide victory over his opponent, Aldrich Johnson Sr. The final count placed Roberts in the lead with 90 percent of the vote.

News Channel 7 caught up with Roberts at the sheriff's office where he was celebrating his victory with family, friends and fellow department members.

"This family has helped us get reelected" Roberts said. "This family of law enforcement and their family. And we did it as a team. I hope there's nobody in here that does it for 'I', it's for the team. We've got some really good officers and I'm really proud of the stats they've done- they've cleared a lot of cases."

Roberts also mentioned the crime rate in the county had dropped over the past year. Roberts said he looked forward to working hard and continuing to see the crime rate decline.

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