Lucky Puppy Rescue Owner Thanks Community

BONIFAY -- One local woman is thanking the community for their support after a cancer diagnosis hindered her ability to house rescue animals.
Teri Mattson asked for help with fostering and adopting the dogs at her rescue shelter so that she can attend her doctor appointments.
Mattson was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer about three weeks ago.
She went public with the diagnosis after about a week.
Since reaching out to the community for help, Mattson has had four dogs fostered, but she's still has more than 40 dogs who need homes.
Neighbor Chelsey Rowe said, "I get to see all sorts of animals come through and help out. I think it’s definitely…if you're not willing to adopt just foster for a little while, and it helps. It helps Teri and the lucky puppy and it helps the dogs."
Teri Mattson, Lucky Puppy Rescue owner said, "So four out of about 45 so we still got a few more to go. But were very grateful for the folks that have stepped up and taken dogs home."
The Lucky Puppy rescue service has raised about $500 so far.
Mattson plans to put the money towards boarding fees if the lucky puppy dogs are not all fostered or adopted.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, click on the link below.