Lynn Haven High Schooler Gets a Government Scholarship Award

One lucky Mosley student is on his way to Germany thanks to a scholarship program.

The German Parliament partnered with the United States Congress to offer this unique opportunity.

"It's an internship to study abroad for a year and go to Munich for 7 weeks, learn the language, learn about the culture, christmas easter.. and your supposed to basically become just like a german citizen," said Browne.

Browne and 24 other students across the nation were chosen to receive the Vocational Youth Exchange Scholarship, which will allow them to attend a German school, learn the language, and even intern at a German company.

He is excited for the journey, but says it was a lot of work to get there.

"There were many essays, I think they were 4 essays, And there was probably 30 extra extended response questions, Then i had to send in a resume and pictures and photocollages.. they JUST wanted everything about me, Really."

Benjamin's Parents, Nancy and Steve Browne say that they have always pushed Benjamin to have a good work ethic.

"I'm a teacher and I always tell my students - try, work hard do your best, and remember that, the only way you could never go is if you never fill it out and do it."

So what inspired Browne the most?

"I really want to see the black forrest," he said,"I have always seen the pictures of it and feel like that is a magical place"

Browne's parents are very proud of his achievement, but they say they will miss him the whole year he is gone.

"We're not going to have much contact with him for probably a long time. They especially dont want us to contact him while he is doing German immersion because they want him to think, and really learn German language and be very comfortable with that, they dont want him to switch thinking to English and German back and forth...especially around the holidays, he's not allowed to actually comminucate with us, he is supposed to experience how they do holidays... maybe we can send him a card."

Browne is one of 7 Florida students chosen, making Florida home to nearly 1/3 of the total scholarship recipients.