Lynn Haven Animal Mutilations Continue

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Lynn Haven residents are concerned the Police Department isn't investigating allegations of animal mutilation.

After two possible cat mutilations were reported a few weeks ago, residents were told they were coyote attacks.

Lynn Haven neighbors say they're not convinced, and now cats are now not the only animals being targeted.

When Leilani Butler woke up to go to work, she wasn't expecting to find a dead squirrel on her driveway.

*CG talkhead Leilani Butler says, "It wasn't torn apart or anything like that. It was just like if you were to take a stick of butter and put a knife through it."

Butler says it was in the same position as the two cats were found a couple weeks ago: decapitated, with its tail pointing straight out towards her house and its feet in a right angle.

When she called Animal Control, the officer initially blamed another animal.

Then Butler showed her the clean cuts.

She explains, "It was the lady from Animal Control. She said that there's a couple kids, maybe a group of kids that live down the road that sneak out late at night from their house. She thought that you know maybe that was their copycat attempt crying out for help. She also said that this is our future Ted Bundys."

But according to the Call Report from the Lynn Haven Police Department, the investigation that took just under 19 minutes still had Animal Control ruling it as a case of an animal attack.

Lynn Haven Chief David Messer denied our request to clarify the report discrepancy.

Animal Control also refused to comment, leading Butler to believe they may be trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

She says, "I'd be 100% sure that this was done by a person and not an animal just because of how precise everything was."

Butler says she owns three dogs that frequently bring her carcasses of dead possums.

She insists the cuts on the squirrel do not look anything like what she's seen her dogs bring home.