Lynn Haven Commissioners Speak on Wild Game Slaughterhouse Issues

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LYNN HAVEN -- Lynn Haven City commissioners are discussing a possible ban on wild game processing businesses inside of the city limits.

The move comes after a man who previously owned a processing house, approached the city about reopening it. Some are upset about the city's possible ban.

From time to time local waiter Ian Siders enjoys eating venison.
He butchers his own deer. Others prefer to let a professional do it at wild game slaughterhouses.

"Being from around here my entire life I would have to say that a regulation on any sort of slaughterhouses may not be the best thing for this city. I mean we are very much of a country town even if we are progressed into more of a city,” said Siders.

Apparently Lynn Haven city officials don't have a problem either as long as the slaughterhouse is in someone else's city.
The issue is the excess deer carcass.

Mayor Walter Kelley said, "We're not trying to penalize them but we just want to make sure that no one gets into trouble with violating state laws and federal laws and tearing up our sewer plant."

Kelley brought up the lack of any regulations after previous concerns about disposal methods.

Commissioners have imposed a 30 day moratorium on new slaughterhouses opening, until they can study the issue further.
But some believe commissioners might be taking the issue too far.

"Maybe they need to be a little more careful, they need to dispose of things properly but…can't just get rid of it, you know i mean. We're based on things like this,” said Siders.

City commissioners have also extended a contract offer to their top choice for the city manager's job, Joel Schubert. They hope to have the deal finalized in two weeks.