Lynn Haven Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Lynn Haven - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches kindergarten at Lynn Haven Elementary school. Karrie Garrett was nominated by Stacey Ellis, a parent, who writes: "Mrs. Garrett loves her students and it shows! She makes each one of them feel very special! Mrs. Garrett is not only a great teacher, but also a wonderful person!"

These kindergartners are practicing their computer skills, something they will use every day as first graders. It's just one example of how Mrs. Garrett is preparing her young students for what comes next. "I love teaching kindergarten, especially, because they come in ready to learn. When they come in they don't have a lot of knowledge, you watch them grow over the year both socially and academically," said Mrs. Garrett.

"She looks at each individual child and teaches to their needs as well as the whole class in teamwork activities," said Lynn Haven Elementary Principal Debra Spradley. It's a strategy her students love. "My favorite thing is centers," said Griffin Ellis. " I like to learn math and reading," said Grant Hutchins. "I like kindergarten because my teacher is nice," said Anna Laura McKenzie.

Nurturing their desire to learn is of utmost importance to Mrs. Garrett, and she is doing so in a grade level that has seen a lot of change. "They are reading, they are writing three paragraph stories, there is no time to nap anymore! It's what first and second grade used to be," she explained. "I am ready for first grade. I want to read as many books as I can," said Grant. "I like chapter books because Mrs. Garrett reads chapter books to us," said Matthew Jenings.

Parent involvement is another specialty for Mrs. Garrett, in fact it was a parent who nominated her for the Golden Apple. "It's so nice when a parent volunteers in your room every week and sees what it's all about and then to have them nominate you, its very special," said Mrs. Garrett.

Congratulations to Mrs. Garrett, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher.