Lynn Haven Locals Fight to Keep Dogs Locked up

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LYNN HAVEN-- A Lynn Haven man has 2 weeks to make his home safer for his dogs, or risk losing them. City Commissioners deemed the dogs dangerous and aggressive Tuesday.

Normally pitbulls, Prissy and Ollie would be at their owner's home in the 400 block of Illinois Avenue in Lynn Haven, but this week they're under quarantine at Lynn Haven's Animal Shelter. The city has deemed the dogs dangerous.

Neighbors James and Susan Taylor shot cell phone video, showing what they call the dogs' aggressive behavior. The couple says the dogs squeeze through holes in the fence, or just jump the 6 foot barrier around the yard of their owner, Marty Stevenson.

Neighbor James Taylor said, "She [one of the dogs] would get out pretty much every day." At one point they called Animal Control everyday, for a week. Taylor said, "As soon as she [the dog] saw the man from Animal Control she would jump back over the fence into her yard."

The Taylors say they even spent $800 installing a chain linked fence to keep the dogs out of their yard.

Susan Taylor said, "We've picked up trash off the side of the road. If it looks big and heavy enough to block off the fence areas." Finally Susan Taylor claims one day the dogs caught up to her. "They have the two dogs that attacked me in custody and right now. I'm waiting to see if I have rabies. I still can't feel my heel from the bite," she said.

Tuesday afternoon, City Commissioners held a hearing about what to do with the animals. Half a dozen people testified.

Mr. Stevenson didn't show up to the meeting. NewsChannel 7 knocked on his door Tuesday afternoon, but no one answered.

Although the city has deemed the dog as dangerous, Stevenson can get them back if he follows some strict guidelines. If he doesn't respond in 14 days, they'll be euthanized.