Lynn Haven Man Arrested for Attempted Murder

A late night shooting on Saturday has resulted in the arrest of a Lynn Haven man for attempted murder.

At about 10:30 Saturday night, deputies responded to a call in reference to a shooting between 20 year old Thomas Edward Eye and two male victims. The victims were brothers, one of which was the new boyfriend of Eye’s ex-girlfriend.

The two victims stated that Eye followed his ex-girlfriend and one of the victims to a residence on Sweetbriar Road. At that time, according to the victims, Eye parked his car in an empty lot next door and exited the car and fired a round from a 22 revolver. No one was injured.

One victim called 911 while the other confronted Eye at the edge of the victim’s property, telling him that a call had been placed to law enforcement.

At that point Eye allegedly pointed a gun at the victim and discharged a round out of the gun. The victim fell to the ground, certain he had been shot, however, he was not injured.

The second victim ran out to his brother still on the ground and Eye allegedly pointed the gun at his head and told him to back up. The victim stated Eye then walked back to his car and left.

It was learned through investigation that Eye then went to his ex-girlfriend’s mother’s home to tell her what had happened.

Contact was made by deputies with Eye who agreed to meet with BCSO Investigators.

A 22 revolver matching the description of the one used in the shooting was found in Eye’s car.

Eye was arrested and charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.