Lynn Haven Moving On With Limiting Meat Processing Facilities

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LYNN HAVEN - Lynn Haven Commissioners heard the first reading of a proposed ordinance restricting meat processing businesses to certain areas of the city.

City officials have not said what areas will be designated as appropriate for a slaughter house type business. They just don't want them to be able to located anywhere.

The issue arose last month when someone approached the city about reopening a deer processing facility on Highway 77.

The City Attorney and City Manager are working on those propositions.

Lynn Haven's Mayor, Walter Kelley, said, "We'll have an ordinance to make sure people know what is expected of them whether or not they can put a particular unit in some part of the city but we'll have it in front of us for approval at our next commission meeting."

Commissioners will get more details and hear the second reading of the proposal in two weeks, then vote on it.