Lynn Haven Officials Hope to have Air Force Fuel Depot Developed

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LYNN HAVEN -- Lynn Haven city officials say they want someone to develop the vacant Air Force Fuel Depot property. City commissioners took steps Thursday morning to acquire the rights to the land. They believe any future development will be a big asset to the city.

The Fuel Depot Property on Lynn Haven's northwest side has been vacant for many years and it belongs to the Air Force, but Lynn Haven leaders hope the city will soon own the rights to the property.

They already have some thoughts on what should be developed on the land.

Lynn Haven City Manager Joel Schubert said, "We certainly have several ideas from residential, single family residential to multifamily to small commercial. Something that would complement FSU's presence there as well and certainly take advantage of the waterfront we have."

Lynn Haven Mayor Walter Kelley said, "If we develop it that means we're gonna have businesses out there not only that, 40 acres is going to Florida State and it will help educate our youth that's coming along and keep them here; the extended family so they get educated right here in our own backyard."

The city wants the remaining 144 acres fixed up and developed into something that will make people want to visit and stay in the area.

"Plan A is to partner with a master developer, the hard costs and the city of Lynn Haven can certainly facilitate the process and again have some say in what goes out on that property," said Schubert.

Mayor Kelley is ready to start the process.

"Now they're almost finished with the environmental clean-up of it and we're hoping that we can get this moving forward and get it developed and back on the tax roll so it will benefit the people of Lynn Haven,” said Kelley.

The city attorney says the Air Force wants to transfer the property rights by next January.