Major Renovations for Mosley High School

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LYNN HAVEN- Mosley high school Principal Sandy Harrison is preparing for a lot of construction work.

"It’s not a big secret. I told the staff that it's coming, but the students may or may not know we are up for a big renovation," said Sandy Harrison, principal.

The school's classrooms, the gymnasium, the hallways, restrooms, even the lighting will be renovated.

The school opened in the spring of 1974, and hasn't had any major upgrades in a long time.

"It’s due for a face lift, it’s been quite a while," said Harrison.

The money for the project is coming from the half cent sales tax for school facilities.

"The only big money we've had has been the half sales tax, all the technology was paid for by the half cents sales tax," said Bill Husfelt, bay county superintendent. “We’ve saved about 50 million dollars from taxpayers with property taxes because we have kept the property, the taxes low. Extremely low. One of the lowest in the state since 2008."

The architectural plans are complete and the Mosley project is now in the design phase.

"The first thing everybody's going to ask me is, when does it start? And I don't know that yet, I should know in about a month," said Harrison.

The school district is also starting renovation projects at Springfield and Hiland Park elementary schools.