Main Street’s Farmer’s Market Opens

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LYNN HAVEN -- Springtime must be here because Lynn Haven city officials opened their Main Street farmer’s market today at Sheffield Park.

This is the 4th year the city has invited farmers to sell their locally grown produce.

Organizers hope the market's new hours will open the door to more visitors to the downtown area.

Jim Weslowski and his wife grow their produce in Vernon. They're glad to offer their produce locally.

"We just been growing more and more here to bring some of the products to Lynn Haven where you don't have to go to St. Andrews on Saturday or the Bay county farmer's market during the week which is a few miles away,” Weslowski said.

Every Tuesday, from 11 a.m. until dusk, from now until December locals can buy tomatoes, celery, apples, carrots, kale and much more.

The vendors also like the new earlier start time.

"It was important for the vendors to start a little bit earlier in the day to provide lunch to the residents here in Lynn Haven," CRA Director Ben Janke said, "but also to have produce available at the same time. So you can basically kill two birds with one stone."

"I had a lot of people come, pick up their lunch take it back to their job and then that way they got to eat there but at least they got to get out and be in the park for a while," vendor Susan Fuller said.

Vendors like the Weslowski's say they know how much more convenient it is to sell their produce in Lynn Haven.

"This one catches them coming home from work really well. And they've been supporting us well so that's why we’re back,” Weslowski said.

Those interested in setting up a stand at the farmer's market can submit their vendor application to Lynn Haven Main Street's CRA director Ben Janke.

Ben Janke
CRA Director
909 Pennsylvania Ave
Lynn Haven, FL 32444