Major Project Unveiled by the St. Joe Company

WATERSOUND, Fla. The St. Joe Company is meeting with local residents this week to discuss proposed changes to the Bay-Walton Sector Plan. The major change involves the creation of a very large retirement community.

There were actually a lot of people there asking questions and getting all the information on the project.

basically this project will bring a retirement community similar to the Villages in central Florida.

Not only will this community be a retirement community, but it will have a town center, restaurants, bars and even have homes for those who aren't retirees. The project will span from Highway 77 in Bay County all the way to Highway 98 in south Walton County.

But right now this is just a discussion process and reaction from residents. Neither planning department or county commissioners from either county have approved anything yet.

Jorge Gonzalez is Sr. Vice President of thye St. Joe Company. "Our plan is to submit the applications simultaneously. So we will submit the Bay County application at the same time as Walton County. We are hopeful that each county will have a very similar one frame as processing the applications. But if there is a difference in the time frame we will make that decision in that point in time.”

The second Open House discussion session will take place Wednesday evening from 4 -6 at the Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach in south Walton.

St. Joe's national headquarters is located at WaterSound, Fla in south Walton

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