Texas Man Dies in Balcony Fall

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- A 62 year old Texas man is dead after a balcony fall in Panama City Beach.

Panama City Beach police responded to the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel, on Front Beach Road Resort about 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Jon Schnaars, a spring breaker staying at the hotel, heard the police sirens.

"We just woke up this morning and there was a big commotion in the hallway and there were a bunch of cops. We had no idea," Schnaars said.

Beach Police say the victim was 62 year year old Thomas Saunders, of the Dallas, Texas area.

"He was here chaperoning his 18 year old daughter. She's on spring break, he was one of the chaperones," said Drew Whitman, PCB Police Chief.

They believe Saunders fell from the 12th story of the hotel, landing on the roof of the atrium, just above the hotel lobby.

Police say the hotel's surveillance video system is helping them in their investigation.

Chief Whitman said, "We could see him on the balcony...walking on the balcony and the next thing he went over."

"It was not spring break related. It doesn't not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. There is no evidence of any foul play. There's a possibility that there may have been, it may be medically related in some way," said Julie Hilton, Vice President of Hilton.

The Medical Examiner's autopsy results may provide the answers police need to complete their investigation.

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