Man Drowns While on Vacation in Cape San Blas

CAPE SAN BLAS - A Mississippi man on vacation with his wife drowns while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Cape San Blas.

The Gulf County Sheriff's Office says 45-year-old Thomas Wayne Timms, of Corinth, Mississippi, went swimming Monday during very rough surf. According to witnesses, Timms was approximately 100 feet past the surf line when he started yelling for help.

Charles Seguy, a dive master, heard Timms screaming and saw him waving his arms in distress. Seguy ran into the water and swam out to Timms who was unresponsive when Seguy who reached him.

Seguy attempted water rescue CPR, but conditions were too rough. So, Seguy pulled Timms to shore and began CPR.

Unfortunately, Timms did not make it. He was pronounced dead at the scene.