Man Faces Homicide Charges in Infant's Death

An 8 week old Ft. Walton Beach infant has died from her injuries in an aggravation child abuse case which is now a Homicide.

Infant Braelyn Thomason died late Monday night at Sacred Heart in Pensacola due to her injuries.

23 year old William Thomason of Ft. Walton Beach had been arrested on aggravated child abuse charges. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office says it will upgrade those charges to homicide.

Deputies had been called to Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center last Friday night when the baby was taken to the ER with suspicious injuries. Little Braelyn had bruising, a broken collarbone and severe head injuries. She was flown to Sacred Heart in Pensacola where doctors said her chances of survival were slight.

The injuries occurred while the baby had been left in its care by the mother.

Thomason gave investigators several different scenarios about how the injuries may have occurred, including that the infant may have hit her head on the faucet while he was giving her a bath.

Braelynn was in the pediatric ICU when she died at 10 PM Monday night.

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