Man Fighting for His Life Receives a Dream Come True

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Chipley- Wayne Dupree's pick up truck was parked in a pasture when he got it last year.

"My dad give me the $500 to buy the truck and I drove it out of the horse pasture home" Dupree explained.

But his plans of restoring the ride came to a halt when Dupree was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

"I got sick- real, bad sick. And in June of last year I was put on hospice. I was given six months to live."

After two open heart surgeries, his nurse contacted the Dream Foundation in California. With the help of Washington- Holmes Technical Center and several local businesses, Dupree's dying wish came true.

"We assigned every student a job" explained Washington- Holmes Automotive Instructor Jerry Harrell. "So, everybody took a part of the vehicle so everyone would have a participation on fulfilling somebody's nightmare to a dream."

But Dupree said the newly renovated ride may not be his only dream come true.

"[Doctors] say I still got congestive heart failure and disease and all that, but with God's help, I don't think I've got it anymore. I'm living day by day through him and [my girlfriend]. She's my life. God gave her to me."

Dupree said he could soon be tying some cans to the bumper of his new truck- he and his girlfriend were planning a wedding.

Harrell described how rewarding it was to watch Dupree drive off in the car he and his students spent three months of hard work to restore. "I guess it's like the western [movies], you know? At the end of the day, the cowboy rides off into the sunset with the girl."
And everyone at the event certainly hoped Dupree's Hollywood ending would come true.

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